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Information Solutions


New Technology, Improved Ways of Conducting Business

Technology has enabled IMA to develop a state of the art claims management system that acts as the nucleus for a new operating model and enterprise-wide solution. A good technology infrastructure can improve loss costs and handling efficiencies, while providing clients with enhanced levels of service. IMA’s risk management information system is comprehensive, yet flexible enough to allow for the capture of information critical to each client.

Actionable Information, the Way you Want it

Producing meaningful detailed reports provides IMA clients with the ability to analyze information and anticipate losses before they occur, thereby reducing loss cost and expense. Online client access is offered for file reviews as well as sophisticated ad hoc reporting. IMA information solutions can be customized for any client or program.

Connecting People with Tools to do their Jobs Better

Successfully resolving claims requires the of work many. Authorized personnel, both inside and outside the organization, can have instant and simultaneous access to an accurate and complete claim file. IMA’s web enabled system allows for the effective and timely capture, monitoring, reporting and analysis of claims data across all lines of service.


Our smart system supports users with an extensive database and leading workflow management software. Administrative performance is enhanced and work is reduced by:

  • Document automation and management
  • Enabling fast and flexible searches
  • Establishing critical events and tasks
  • Expediting routine tasks
  • Facilitating claim reporting and analysis
  • Providing access to real time claims data
  • Supplying useful management reports
  • Supporting collaboration