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Adjusting Solutions


Strategies that Deliver

Whatever the loss, IMA can quickly organize a multi-disciplined team of experts to resolve claims quickly and cost effectively. Our professionals are experienced in handling multi-line, sensitive and intricate claims requiring extensive investigations with difficult negotiations. IMA is known for its ability to provide practical, objective and solid recommendations. All facets of claim expense and indemnity are monitored through our Total Cost Management approach, which encompasses recovery and cost containment throughout the claim.

IMA professionals, operating within a tight span of control, perform. Within hours of receipt of instruction, lines of communication are quickly established with the insured, claimant and instructor to enable clear and concise transfer of information.

IMA Digs Deeper, Uncovering What You Need to Know

IMA regards client confidence as a top priority and therefore has established rigorous standards for claims handling resulting in thorough and methodical investigations with reliable documentation of the facts. IMA associates don’t take anything for granted. Digging deeper to retrieve every piece of pertinent information makes all the difference when adjusting a claim. Reports are timely, straightforward, thorough, and easily accessible for client review and updates. An IMA report guarantees a concise, accurate certification of the facts.

All Opportunities are Pursued

IMA is dedicated to the subrogation and recovery needs of insurance providers, self-insureds and other risk related entities. Benefit from the experience and expertise gained from years of legal, insurance adjusting, investigation and recovery service. IMA employs attorneys and other professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the highly specialized field of subrogation. Each case is thoroughly examined to ensure that all avenues of recovery are pursued. IMA performs as an extension of the insurance claims process for carriers and self-insured companies.

Catastrophe Response, Helping Others

IMA’s “Cat-Vantage” catastrophe services team works closely with clients to identify objectives and needs before and after a catastrophe. IMA services include full loss adjustments, evaluations of exposures and response plans, as well as development of loss reduction and management tactics. Our incident response services can reduce the restoration period which results in lower costs and business interruption. IMA offers site deployment, on/off-site debriefing, guidance, consulting and supervised restoration services.


  • Business Interruption Analysis
  • Casualty Investigations
  • Cat-Vantage Services
  • Comprehensive Research
  • Physical Damage Analysis
  • Property Inspection
  • Special Investigations
  • Subrogation